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Cushing's Awareness Challenge - Day 11 - The Cost of Cushing's

Yes, I scheduled this post for the wrong day and it didn't show up yesterday! Sorry for the delay.

What does having Cushing's Disease Cost?

Well, after going through my insurance claims for the 12 months that I had my 3 surgeries, it costs A LOT of money.  And that's only including office visits, procedures, hospital stays, and emergency room visits.  The number was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Imagine getting this diagnosis without insurance?  You couldn't afford to be treated. Instead, you would continue to get sicker and sicker until your heart failed or you had a stroke.

In my case, I am still dealing with medical bills from procedures or lab work that's not covered by my insurance, emergency room visits, and just regular office copays from offices that didn't accept credit/debit cards.  Cushing's has cost me my financial independence, depending on my parents for a place to live, food to eat, and help with never ending bills.


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Cushing's Awareness Day

Over the past 8 years, I have spent a few Aprils blogging every day for Cushing's awareness.  I will not be blogging daily this year, but don't want to let the month go by without spreading some awareness!

April 8th is Cushing's Awareness Day because it is Harvey Cushing's Birthday.  Harvey Cushing is the father of modern neurosurgery, and he also was the first to discover Cushing's Disease in one of his patients.  You can see a drawing of his patient (Minnie G) in many text book articles about Cushing's.

Cushing's Awareness Challenge - Day 8 - Happy Birthday Harvey Cushing!!!

Today is Harvey Cushing's Birthday, therefore, today is Cushing's Awareness Day.

To learn more about Cushing's, watch this video made by an endocrinologist.

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Happy Cushing's Awareness Day!