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Memorial Day and a new laptop!

One of the reasons my blog posts have slowed down is my old laptop from college had become a desktop.  It didn't hold a charge and would shut down when I moved a little too far away from the outlet it was plugged into, causing many lost blogs that I didn't have the patience to re-write.  This week, I finally got a new laptop!  Thank god for refurbished, MUCH cheaper macs. I hope this new computer will inspire me to write more, and I have a list of ideas for future blog posts that I thought of while computer-less. In other news, I went to my mom's second grade concert at her new school (she is a music teacher) last week.  It was for memorial day, and it was AMAZING.  I am always impressed with the work she does with such little kids. They invited veterans to the show and showed a video along with the last song, which definitely made me cry.  (I think I saw some of those tough men and women in front of me wiping their eyes too!)  


So I wrote the last post in the airport waiting for my flight, so didn't get to share too much about my trip.  I was so excited to have a mini vacation and see where my good friend, Christine, had been living for the past 2 years.  As I wrote, the flight down was horrendous.  A thank you goes to the tall man who sat beside me, he kept his tray table down the whole flight and kept most of my belongings on it because I spent the flight with my head on mine.  Great guy who was more than patient in a gross situation. Anyway I got there, was fine as soon as I got off the plane, and was sweating in my leggings long sleeved shirt in the Florida heat.  For the first time, maybe ever, I didn't mind being a little warm!  I was just so relived to be on the ground.  It was an early morning the next day and we made our way too school for their presentation on ME!  The presentation was great, and I fought tears every time I saw a picture of myself up on the screen, but I made it through wi

Leaving Florida

I've spent the past few days in Ft Lauderdale with a good friend who is finishing PA school. She did her final project on Cushing's and invited me down to see it and tell my side of the story. The flight down was awful, I was extremely sick the entire flight. The few days I was here were great, I don't want to leave! I'm in the airport now waiting for the flight to board, wish me luck! Hopefully I will be able to just fall asleep.