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Memorial Day and a new laptop!

One of the reasons my blog posts have slowed down is my old laptop from college had become a desktop.  It didn't hold a charge and would shut down when I moved a little too far away from the outlet it was plugged into, causing many lost blogs that I didn't have the patience to re-write.  This week, I finally got a new laptop!  Thank god for refurbished, MUCH cheaper macs.

I hope this new computer will inspire me to write more, and I have a list of ideas for future blog posts that I thought of while computer-less.

In other news, I went to my mom's second grade concert at her new school (she is a music teacher) last week.  It was for memorial day, and it was AMAZING.  I am always impressed with the work she does with such little kids. They invited veterans to the show and showed a video along with the last song, which definitely made me cry.  (I think I saw some of those tough men and women in front of me wiping their eyes too!)  


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