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Memorial Day and a new laptop!

One of the reasons my blog posts have slowed down is my old laptop from college had become a desktop.  It didn't hold a charge and would shut down when I moved a little too far away from the outlet it was plugged into, causing many lost blogs that I didn't have the patience to re-write.  This week, I finally got a new laptop!  Thank god for refurbished, MUCH cheaper macs.

I hope this new computer will inspire me to write more, and I have a list of ideas for future blog posts that I thought of while computer-less.

In other news, I went to my mom's second grade concert at her new school (she is a music teacher) last week.  It was for memorial day, and it was AMAZING.  I am always impressed with the work she does with such little kids. They invited veterans to the show and showed a video along with the last song, which definitely made me cry.  (I think I saw some of those tough men and women in front of me wiping their eyes too!)  


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Talk About the Sh*t you Don't Want to Talk About

I haven't updated this blog in a very long time.  I actually deleted a ton of posts while I was applying for social security disability. I posted about Cushing's Awareness day earlier this week on facebook, so I guess I'm in a sharing mood.

Anyway, for anyone who even reads this, I was watching a documentary on Netflix about a teenager with anorexia and mental illness who found meaning in her life through yoga. (It's called I Am Maris). It's kind of the reason for this post.

To start - let's go back to June 2018. My grandmother died.  She lived a wonderful long life, but it was especially hard on me.  She was the reason I got out of bed every day, my best friend, and so much more. I actually don't remember how I got through most of the summer.

In the span of two weeks at the end of August, my mom turned 60, we went on a family vacation to the vineyard, my best friend got married, and I wanted to kill myself.  Yeah, you read that right. The day after return…

Cushing's Awareness Day

Over the past 8 years, I have spent a few Aprils blogging every day for Cushing's awareness.  I will not be blogging daily this year, but don't want to let the month go by without spreading some awareness!

April 8th is Cushing's Awareness Day because it is Harvey Cushing's Birthday.  Harvey Cushing is the father of modern neurosurgery, and he also was the first to discover Cushing's Disease in one of his patients.  You can see a drawing of his patient (Minnie G) in many text book articles about Cushing's.

Cushing's Awareness Challenge - Day 8 - Happy Birthday Harvey Cushing!!!

Today is Harvey Cushing's Birthday, therefore, today is Cushing's Awareness Day.

To learn more about Cushing's, watch this video made by an endocrinologist.

To watch Harvey Cushing in surgery, watch this:

Happy Cushing's Awareness Day!