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Another Birthday, Another Year Sick

I turn 27 on Tuesday.  That is the age that my mom was when I was born.  I am now half her age.  By this time in her life, she had her dream job, a house, a husband, and a new baby.  I have spent the last 10 years sick, and those things seem like a lifetime away, and may never happen for me.  Don't most people look back at the past year and think of how happy they are to be where they are today?  I have another diagnosis to think about, surgery coming up at some point soon, lots of appointments, and I'm dreading all of that. I try to do some happy things each year for my birthday, but the last 4 I have spent in the hospital or just getting out of the hospital.   Pneumonia (x2), uncontrolled bleeding that warranted a day in the ER for monitoring and possible blood transfusion, and last year, I couldn't even look at food despite being pretty healthy, at least compared to the past few years. This year, yes, I am still sick, but hopefully no drastic issues or illnesses come

2013 Cushing's Awareness Blog Challenge!

I am once again planning to participate in the 2nd Annual Cushing's Awareness Blog Challenge!  Cushing's Awareness Day (and Harvey Cushing's birthday) is on April 8th, so that is why we are doing the blog challenge in April. I loved doing it last year, and there is a big list of topics, most of which I did last year.  I don't want to repeat a lot of them, so do you have any ideas of blog topics related to Cushing's you would like to see?  Let me know!  I'll be counting down to April! If you would like to participate in this blog challenge, please click here to find out how!

It's Back...

Over the last few weeks, my weight has been creeping back up, my skin has been getting angry, and my hair has started falling out again.  My newly purchased size 8 jeans don't fit, and I have had an appetite for the first time in over a year.  All of these things I have explained away in my mind until a week ago when it hit me.  IT'S BACK.  I woke up last Saturday morning  afternoon, and as I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I realized that I HAVE to be producing cortisol.  I had a feeling before last Saturday but was too afraid to even think about it.  I have too many things going on with my health and I just couldn't bear the thought of dealing with this monster again. I had gained 10lbs overnight.  Once 155lbs, I am now 175 just a few weeks later. My stomach is hanging over every pair of pants I put on, I feel swollen all the time, I can't sleep, and I want to eat everything in sight. When I was off steroids from September 2011 to September 2012, give