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This past weekend, I got a much needed emotional boost.  All of last week, I was terrified of getting sick, and every chill, cough, or headache made me nervous about having to cancel last minute.  A friend of mine was getting married, and I took a long weekend so I could spend an extra day with my BFF.  In the end, it all worked out well, despite a nagging headache the night of the wedding. I have not been doing well lately, as you could probably gather from my last post, and the change of scenery combined with some alone time driving, and seeing a few of my favorite people was a much overdue ray of sunshine in my life. The wedding was beautiful, and it couldn't have been a more perfect afternoon, despite the threat of storms earlier on Saturday.  I got to see a friend from college that I hadn't seen in many years, which was great, and made a couple new friends too! In other news, my favorite hospital of all time, Mass General, was rated #1 in the nation by US News!  My exp


I have stopped blogging recently because I feel like I don't know what to say.  I have run out of optimism (and I never had much to begin with).  I know not everyone wants to hear or read about my problems.  A lot of people have much bigger problems.  I get that.  But it's hard not to feel down when I can't catch a break. I was wishing I had a stronger faith, that all of this is for some greater purpose, but it's hard to have faith that things will be better when I just keep getting knocked down.  Aside from all of the recent health problems keeping me down, my job is now in jeopardy because of my health.  Although it's not my dream job, it occupies my time, keeps my mind off of my own issues.  I have little hope that things will ever be "better".  It seems like every time  I think I've hit the bottom, it's only just the beginning. I hate having to say no to things because of my health.  I feel like I miss out on so much because I am not able