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Cushing's Awareness Challenge - Day 19

Do you ever come across someone you think might have Cushing's?  I feel like I can pick people out of a crowd that have Cushing's, it's all about the body type (central obesity with thin arms and legs).

I feel like I see people all the time that might have Cushing's.  But how do you address it without offending anyone?  I am a little shy, so I am not the kind of person to go up to a stranger and start a conversation.  Especially about their personal health.

My mom has given business cards with Cushing's information on them to people we think have Cushing's, but I have never been brave enough to walk up to a stranger and tell them they might have a horrible disease.

Although, I wish someone did that to me looking back, but at the time I probably would have been a little offended.

Would you consider going up to a stranger to tell them about Cushing's?


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