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Cushing's Awareness Day

Over the past 8 years, I have spent a few Aprils blogging every day for Cushing's awareness.  I will not be blogging daily this year, but don't want to let the month go by without spreading some awareness! April 8th is Cushing's Awareness Day because it is Harvey Cushing's Birthday.  Harvey Cushing is the father of modern neurosurgery, and he also was the first to discover Cushing's Disease in one of his patients.  You can see a drawing of his patient (Minnie G) in many text book articles about Cushing's. (From linked below) Here are photos of me that show all the visible changes Cushing's causes: Before Cushing's (I was about 12-13 in this photo) With Cushing's (a month before diagnosis) After! (Taken just a week ago) If you want to know more about Cushing's Disease, these are links to past blog posts and other resources. Cushing's Support and Research Foundation Your favorite posts: 10